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Ensure that you have electrical power

You want to be sure that you have the right products so that your electrical systems are all wired correctly and keep your home or business in power - having power will keep your building running as usual, and will allow you to live your normal everyday life.

- Wiring

- Breakers

- Fuses

- Generators

- Circuit interpreters

- Sensors and timers

- Grounding

Electrical supplies we carry:

You need to know that the plumbing is all set up correctly. With the right products, that can include:


- Sprinklers

- Check valves

- Gate valves

- Ball valves

Quality plumbing system supplies


and residential


Our English and Spanish speaking staff has been trusted since 1950 with your electrical and plumbing supply needs.

Electric wiring and pliers copper elbow pipes Electric circuit breaker box