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Helping you find the right hardware for the job

Do you want to do some handy work on your own house? It requires having the right tools for the job, and you can count on us to help you find the right hardware to make the job easier.

- Hinges

- Eyebolts

- Fasteners

- Handles

- Angle Iron

- Bolts and sockets

- Nuts and washers

Types of hardware that we carry:

You will get personal attention and guidance on the right tools for the job and suggestions on how to do it right.  


If your to-do list is becoming too big, there are a lot of projects that we can help you complete in order to improve your home.

We can help with house projects

Trusted since 1950 with the right hardware


You can find the perfect hardware to use on both commercial and residential jobs. Our staff speaks English and Spanish.

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